• Railroad Locomotive Manufacturers & Locomotive Repair

    Brookville Equipment Corporation - American OEM and rebuilder of modern and heritage streetcars, commuter and freight locomotives, and mining and tunneling equipment; Brookville, Pennsylvania Brush Traction - UK producer of rail traction rolling stock, including the design, manufacture, and re-engineering of locomotives and propulsion systems

  • Equipment Management My.

    24/7 EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT AND MACHINE HISTORY My. is the web-based hub for digital equipment management, giving you an easy way to take in complex information. Monitor cost, utilization, reliability, age information and other critical data needed to run a business more efficiently and effectively.


    2 INTRODUCTION. As a practicing engineer, you will need to write reports, proposals, scientific papers, and electronic messages. Writing is perhaps the most important way in which you will convey your ideas to managers, other engineers, and customers. Your


    Protective Equipment (PPE) requires all employers to assess their workplace for hazards that might require the use of personal protective equipment. If PPE has to be used, the supervisor must select the proper equipment and require its use.

  • Maintenance Strategy

    Equipment failures are a result of defects; therefore by eliminating defects we can improve equipment reliability. Defect elimination is a maintenance strategy that takes us back to design. It aims to prevent defects being introduced at the early stages of the equipment life cycle, thereby removing the defects during the operational stage of the equipment life cycle.

  • Industrial Electrician Outline

    Introduction Industrial Electrician Industry Training Authority 3 03/16 Acknowledgements This Program Outline was prepared with the advice and direction of an industry steering committee, led by the Resource Training Organization (RTO). The Resource Training

  • Environmental Risks of Mining

    Environmental Damages of Mining. Open pit mining. Open pit mining, where material is excavated from an open pit, is one of the most common forms of mining for strategic minerals. This type of mining is particularly damaging to the environment because strategic minerals are often only available in small concentrations, which increases the amount ...

  • PS Manual-Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

    Preventive and Predictive Maintenance 700ZB00102 4-4 Program results will carry to the bottom-line in the form of: 1. Reductions in the total cost of maintenance 2. Fewer urgent and emergency interruptions to operations due to equipment breakdowns 3. Level

  • Mining Telematics

    The SD card & WiFi combo is ideal for underground mining. The device logs data to the extractable SD card when offline, ensuring zero data loss. When in range of one of 1-5 WiFi access points (WLAN routers or 3G/4G hotspots), the device will auto-push the data to your server. This allows for effective telematics - even with sporadic coverage.

  • Longwall Mining Overview | Introduction | underground COAL

    Longwall mining systems are capable of producing significant outputs from a single longwall face – 8 million tones per annum or more. When operating correctly the coal is mined in a systematic, relatively continuous and repetitive process which is ideal for strata control and for associated mining operations.


    outline what was done and what was found. Actual time and manpower, to complete the job, is documented. Job status is updated as ... element will result in poor equipment performance, increased maintenance costs or both. For example, Work Identification ...

  • Hand and Power Tools

    Hand and Power Tools pdf files you can use in your safety training programs. 4.0 Machinery Safety There is a lack of common understanding in the industries of applying proper Safety technologies for machines dangerous to hands.

  • Free Safety Manual Template

    Free Safety Manual Template. "Safety Measure" are providing their 250 page Safety Manual absolutely free – it doesn''t get any better than that! The manual has been expertly developed by Safety Guru, Doug Wakefield. It contains most of the critical elements required for an effective safety system for virtually any size business.

  • Field Manuals and Technical Manuals : Free Texts

    USAREUR Pam 30-60-1 Identification Guide, Part Three, Weapons and Equipment, East European Communist Armies, volume II, mine Warfare and Demolition Equipment Jul 30, 1975 07/75 by United States.

  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance Training Programs

    Most heavy equipment maintenance programs require applicants to take a drug test and possess a valid driver''s license. Where Can I Work? After you complete a certificate, diploma or associate''s program, you can apply for entry-level positions maintaining heavy equipment used by transportation, construction, excavation, agriculture, logging or freight companies.

  • What Is a Hydraulic System? | Definition, Design, and Components …

     · Transporting liquid through a set of interconnected discrete components, a hydraulic circuit is a system that can control where fluid flows (such as thermodynamic systems), as well as control fluid pressure (such as hydraulic amplifiers). The system of a hydraulic circuit works similar to electric circuit theory, using linear and discrete elements.

  • Electrical Preventive Maintenance Checklist [An Overview]

    Electrical preventive maintenance refers to maintenance procedures that are performed to prevent damage and malfunction to electrical connections and local networks. Electrical maintenance is typically performed in the following areas: Residential Locations: Houses, apartments/condos, and mobile homes are included in this category.

  • Heavy Equipment: Manuals, Courses, Catalogs, Videos,

    Heavy Equipment: Free Download Manuals, Courses, Catalogues, Photos and Videos of , , Machinery and Machineries books to learn. Instructional Video for Heavy Equipment Safety - Component Inspection, Rules, Procedures, Reports & Compartments.

  • Navy Documents

    Catalogue of Electronic Equipment, NAVSHIPS 900,116, 1952, is a U.S. Navy catalog of electronics that includes almost all the WW II equipment and some of the early Cold War equipment. Summaries of Data of Radio Equipment, Volume 1, B.R. 333(1) Vol 1, 1971, is a British Navy catalog of radio electronics.

  • Mining for the Streets

     · Investing in mining equipment, infrastructure, and even hosting contracts means it''s virtually impossible to just walk away. It is the ultimate test of time preference. If your initial miner purchase takes 2-3 years to make a ROI and be truly profitable, is it worth it

  • Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques

    Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques 3rd Edition Solution Manual Jiawei Han, Micheline Kamber, Jian Pei The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Simon Fraser University Version January 2, 2012 c Morgan Kaufmann, 2011 For Instructors'' references only.

  • Technical Skills for a Resume (List with 30+ Examples)

     · Here''s a great list of technical skills for resumes. But— Make it count. Your resume technical skills list should shake the hiring manager. Never copy-paste. That''s bogus, and employers know it. Instead: Pack your resume with skills the job wants. Then prove them

  • Seven steps to maintenance strategy | Maintenance and …

     · This article outlines a dual factor approach: maintenance strategy involves determining the optimal asset care policies to deliver high reliability plant, and extended equipment life. However, to be successful, it also involves consideration of the various non ...

  • Maintenance Management Systems & Procedures

     · The Maintenance Work Order (MWO) is a formal document and CMMS screen used by any individual to initiate or request maintenance work. After it is issued,it continues to be used, to better define the requested work, plan, schedule, and control maintenance tasks. It captures work scope, labor and other management data.

  • Troubleshooting Windows Hello for Business

     · Implementing Windows Hello for Business, as outlined in my previous blog, is not so much difficult as it is tricky to get all of the little pieces in place. Often it comes down to one simple checkbox, setting, or configuration, and wham! it starts working. In this blog, I ...

  • Machine & Equipment Hazards Safety Topics

    Machine & Equipment Hazardss. Electrical Hazards – equipment that uses electricity as a power source is a potential electrocution hazard. Check power cords, switches and connections for exposed wires or broken parts. Amputation & Caught-in Hazards – machine guards on equipment are installed to protect our employees from moving parts.

  • Google Books

    Search the world''s most comprehensive index of full-text books. My library

  • Coal

    This course is intended as an optional course within that refresher-training curriculum, providing a broad overview of coal surface mining regulations and highlighting the safety and health topics that are especially relevant at surface coal mines. 37 minutes. Course Outline. Introduction. Controlling Dust Exposures.

  • Handbook of Electric Machines

     · machine related information one might be interested in. Control algorithms are explained in combination with the machine type they apply to. Common basics for electric machines, specific in background information are gathered in the chapter "Lexicon".

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